Winter Milk Dairy Pellets

Winter Milk Dairy Pellets is specially designed as a high protein supplement for winter milking herds where low protein forages make up a large proportion of the diet.
Sgt Dan Winter Milk is formulated to provide the macro and trace minerals required for winter milking herds on pasture or pasture silage based diets or diets supplemented with wholecrop silage, palm kernel meal or other feeds.

When fed at 4kg per cow per day this diet provides:

  • 22g of calcium (equivalent to 68g of limestone)
  • 8g of magnesium (equivalent to 16g of magnesium oxide)
  • 7.6g of sodium (equivalent to 20g of salt)
  • 500mg zinc, 150mg manganese, 200mg copper, 6mg iodine, 5mg cobalt, 4mg selenium, vitamins A, D3 and E.
Typical Analysis (Dry Matter basis)
Minimum Crude Protein (%) 23
Maximum Fat (%) 5
Estimated ME (MJ/kg) (%) 12.5
Typical NDF (%) 23
Typical ADF (%) 10
Typical Starch & Sugars (%) 37

Recommended Feeding Rate

  • This feed is typically fed at 3 to 5kg per head per day. Consult a nutritionist if higher feeding rates are required.
  • This product is designed to be fed through an in-shed feeding system (or similar) where intakes per cow can be controlled.
  • Exercise caution if high levels of other starchy feeds (e.g. wholecrop silage) are being at the same time.

Ingredients Selected From

Wheat, Barley, Grain By-Products, PKE, Oilseed Meals, Vegetable Oils or Fats, Molasses, Limestone, Magnesium Oxide, Bentonite, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, Flavouring.

Additional Options

BovatecĀ®, RumensinĀ®, OptigenĀ® or other feed additives can be added on request.

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