SGT Dan Stockfoods are manufacturers of high-quality stockfeed. Our headquarters are in the historic Creamoata building (formerly Flemings) in Gore.

Who is SGT Dan?

SGT Dan is the iconic figure of Creamoata, the porridge from the Fleming & Co company. Created over 100 years ago in 1915, SGT Dan became well-known around the country and has become quite the character!

When Creamoata was discontinued, the building went up for sale. It was the perfect structure and location for a feed mill, and since the porridge ceased production, our team decided to name the company after the iconic SGT Dan and keep him as the focus of the brand.


Why Gore ?

The Fleming family built an impressive building in Gorton street in Gore for processing grains into their famous Creamoata porridge. One reason that they chose this location was because of its proximity to the South Island railway line. The building had its own spur line to the main railway which still exists today, though the train no longer runs there.

Another reason Gore is an ideal location to produce stockfeed is that it’s close to major growing regions on the South Island. The district also has a capable and reliable workforce, many of whom are familiar with raising and feeding livestock.


Becoming SGT Dan Stockfoods

SGT Dan Stockfoods was founded in 2005 and bought the Fleming’s building shortly after.

Although Creamatoa is no more, SGT Dan is here to stay! As the trademark of SGT Dan Stockfoods, you can see him on the former Creamoata building, where we now create, process and distribute top-quality stockfeed throughout the country.

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