Ezi-Mix Equine Mix

Sgt Dan Ezi-Mix Equine Mix is a barley-based feed designed for horses in light to moderate work or spelling. 

Quality protein sources have been specially selected to provide the right balance of amino acids required for muscle tissue. The combination of these protein sources, New Zealand grown grains and molasses make this a highly palatable feed.

Vegetable oils and digestible fibre sources provide a source of cool energy while added enzymes help to improve the digestibility of starch contained in the grain component.

Sgt Dan Ezi-Mix Equine Mix contains added macro and trace minerals as well as vitamins providing the essential nutrients required for good health and immunity.

Quick Facts About This Feed

  • Feed small amounts often (e.g. 2-3 meals a day) to avoid digestive upsets.
  • Always introduce new feeds gradually.
  • Always allow access to a good quality forage, with an expected forage intake of  between 1.5 and 2% of the bodyweight of the horse each day.
  • Ensure clean fresh water is always available.


Typical Analysis (Dry Matter basis)
Minimum Crude Protein (%) 12
Maximum Fat (%) 5
Estimated DE (MJ/kg) (%) 12
Maximum Crude Fibre (%) 8
Maximum Salt (%) 1
Maximum Calcium (%) 1.1
Minimum Phosphorus (%) 0.5

Recommended Feeding Rate

Feed Sgt Dan EZI-MIX according to the weight, body condition and workload of the horse.The amount of feed required will also depend on the quality and quantity of forage provided. Download full product information PDF for feeding rate guides.

Ingredients Selected From

Barley, Peas, Soyabean Meal, Copra Meal, Whole Sunflower Seeds, Lucerne Chaff, Vegetable Oils, Molasses, Limestone, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Bentonite, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Amino Acids (e.g. Lysine), Vitamins and Trace Minerals, Mould Inhibitor, Enzymes.

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