Cost Benefit Calculator for Grain vs Pellets

Choosing feeds to complement pasture available on farm is an important consideration for many New Zealand dairy farmers. As feed manufacturers we often hear of the price of 1 tonne of our pelleted feed being compared to the price of 1 tonne of crushed grains, with the inevitable result that the price of 1 tonne of pellets is more than that of 1 tonne of grain.

Be careful to compare “apples with apples”

In reality assessing the cost and benefit of pelleted feeds compared to crushed grains is not that simple and it is important to also consider differences in utilisation and digestibility as well as the cost of any minerals which may be included in a pelleted feed but which aren’t included in crushed grain and need to be added separately.

Easily compare the cost and benefit of pellets and grain using our handy calculator

We believe that it is important for our customers to be able to do their own calculations when deciding what feeds to use to compliment their available pasture. Our easy to use assessment tool can be downloaded and used to calculate the relative costs of feeding pellets and whole grain.

When using this calculator you can quickly and easily change those values in cells highlighted in green, entering data that is applicable to your specific situation. Some default values are already included.

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